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AuthenticWax Effect
Wax Effect

Procedure and Tips.

1.Car body is easy to get dirty.

Do you wash your car only to have it rain the next day and get dirty? Do you have to park on the street and find your car covered in dust? Don't you feel like washing car every time it gets dirty? Then you need Fukupika!

Car body is easy to get dirty

2.Just wipe the body with a wet sheet.

No need to use water. Just take out a sheet from the package and wipe the dirty body.

Seal the package firmly, in order to prevent the sheets from drying out.

3.Just wipe lightly, removing stains completely.

No need to scrub. Our proprietary cleaning liquid and super-fine fiber allow you to remove dirt from the body smoothly.

If the sheet gets dirty, refold it and continue to use the other clean side.

Time-saving Tips

Easy to clean even on narrow areas. Easy to clean even on narrow areas.
The sheet type allows you to clean and apply wax to complex-shaped parts and narrow areas which sponges can't reach. That's why the results are wonderful.

4.No need to worry about scratches.

The hybrid type sheet prevents scratches caused by dirt being dragged on the surface because each sheet has the ability to fully absorb such dirt quickly.

Finish!Authentic wax effect!

By just wiping, the wax effect is almost equivalent to a solid wax's. Shiny gloss and water repellent last up to approximately 1 month.


The water repellent is great enough to protect the paint from acid rain and water streaks.