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Shiny Sheen
The strong dirt-resistant lasts for several months. Fusso Coat Mirror Shine won't allow dirt to adhere to the car body, allowing you to easily keep the car clean with only a simple rinse. It is recommended to those who wash the car in summer or winter and hardly make time for car wash.

Procedure and Tips.

1.First, rinse the car.

The first step to washing a car is to rinse it off. Use plenty of water to wash away things such as sand or dust which might cause scratching to the paint as you wash the vehicle. Any dirt that remains after this will at least be softened by absorbing moisture, making washing your car easier on your car body. It's best to rinse dirt off from the top downward.

First, rinse the car.

2.Use a high performance cleaning shampoo.

Proper application of the pre-coating will allow the car to operate at peak performance. Water streaks and water marks will impact to the performance and appearance of the coating. Be sure to remove them using high performance cleaning shampoo.

Use a high performance cleaning shampoo.

3.Wash the car softly.

Wash the car softly using enough soap, instead of rubbing on the body. Applying too much force may cause scratches.

Wash the car softly.

4.Rinse thoroughly.

Leaving cleaning ingredients on the car can cause unexpected stains after they get dry. Be sure to rinse off completely, especially when using a high-performance shampoo. Rinse off dirt from top downward with plenty of water.

Rinse thoroughly.

5.Dry and Apply coating.

Shake bottle well, mixing the contained components evenly. Mix the liquid well to operate at peak performance. Put the liquid onto the included cloth after mixing.

Dry and Apply coating.

6.No need to wipe off after applying!

Apply it to the car body in coats alternating vertically and horizontally. It is best if the final pass is in the direction the car travels. Because it is more difficult to distinguish where the coat has been applied, it is recommended to work on sections of approximately 2.7 square feet (50cm x 50cm) at a time.

No need to wipe off after applying!

Finish!Clear and brilliant shine

True to its name, Fusso Coat Mirror Shine, achieves a mirror-like body and overwhelmingly shiny finish.

Finish!Clear and brilliant shine

Repels oil too! Durability and anti-fouling performance.

"Fusso Coat Mirror Shine" is not only superior to oil repellency but also prevents both water-based and oiliness stain from adhering. It maintains the good condition on the car for 9 months!

Repels oil too!  Durability and anti-fouling performance.