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BodyPolishing Scratch Removal

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minor scratches
To remove swirl marks by yourself, use our scratch removal car shampoo!

Procedure and Tips.

1.Annoying swirl marks!

These swirl marks over a large surface can really stand out. They are usually caused by dust while driving or by washing the car body with a sponge or towel.

Annoying swirl marks!

2.First, rinse the car.

The first step to washing a car is to rinse it off. Use plenty of water to wash away things such as sand or dust which might cause scratching to the paint as you wash the vehicle. Any dirt that remains after this will at least be softened by absorbing moisture, making washing your car easier on your car body. It's best to rinse dirt off from the top downward.

First, rinse the car.

3.Scratch removal shampoo.

Wet a sponge well and put the appropriate amount of the shampoo directly on the sponge. By just washing with the sponge, the filling scratches ingredients diminish minor scratches.

Scratch removal shampoo.

4.Work on each panel.

Do not wash the entire car at a time. Wash and rinse in sections such as roof, hood and trunk.

Work on each panel.

5.Dry with a towel.

For best results, completely remove any remaining water from the body with a clean towel.

Dry with a towel.

6.Wipe with a finishing cloth.

In order to allow the scratch-filling and polishing resin to evenly adhere to the surface, wipe the area thoroughly with the included dry finishing cloth.

Wipe with a finishing cloth.

Finish!A finish so beautiful, you'd never believe it was only washed with car shampoo.

True to its name, New Scratch Clear Shampoo Mirror Finish, creates a beautiful deep gloss on the car, removing annoying scratches. The excellent finish reaches an unparalleled level of quality.

Finish!Your beloved car, reborn.