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Management Philosophy

Life culture creation company

Discover future necessities.

Management Vision

Aim to develop and commercialise novel and unique products and services as part of a wider drive to diversification.

By grasping new business opportunities related to social developments and changes, such as the IoT, AI, digitisation and SDGs, Soft99 Group aims to accelerate its current activities, as well as diversify knowledge and skills to facilitate development of products and services for broader fields.

SOFT99 Group Charter of Conduct

The SOFT99 Group has established five principles of action to implement the management philosophy of "Lifestyle Creation Company", aiming to realize social contribution and improve corporate value.

  • We will discover future necessities and propose them to our customers. (*)
  • We will ensure the selection of fair and equitable business partners and the implementation of fair market transactions.
  • We respect the individuality and personality of our employees and ensure a comfortable working environment.
  • We will conduct honest and transparent business operations with an emphasis on dialogue with shareholders and investors.
  • As a good corporate citizen, we will fulfill our social responsibilities.

(*) We are always operating with the customer's perspective in mind, and we will continue to create innovative and inspiring products and deliver exceptional services that will become future necessities before we know it.