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Message from the President

Aiming for even more growth as a Lifestyle Creation Company Aiming for even more growth as a Lifestyle Creation Company

On behalf of every member of SOFT99 group, I would like to sincerely thank all our supporters for the amazing encouragement and understanding they continue to offer us every day.


The Group's 5th medium-term plan, "SHIFT DOWN!!", concluded its 3rd and final year in March 2020.

In the fine chemicals segment, which was positioned as the growth driver of the plan, sales of trade and professional products and overseas sales expanded, and in the porous materials segment, the industrial materials field expanded along with increased activity in the semiconductor market. In addition, we initiated a new electronic device and software development business through M&A, and we were able to achieve sales expansion results in that area, too. On the other hand, a remaining challenge is the development and sale of new products and services aimed at the latest changes and developments in the market. We will continue to tackle this challenge in the coming years.


In addition to these on-going challenges, our Group sees new social and business opportunities in developments such as the on-going changes in consumer consciousness, and anticipated social changes such as digitisation and an increased focus on sustainability in various fields. Starting in April 2020, we initialised the 6th medium-term plan, "Overtake!!". In this plan, with "outpacing market developments, overtaking customer expectations" as our motto, we will aim for further growth by diversified application of our existing knowledge, combined with acquisition of new knowledge to drive expansion of the businesses' domains.


As for everyone else, we eagerly anticipate continuing to cooperate productively and look forward to your continued support and warm encouragement. As always, we thank you with the highest regards and best wishes to all.


May 2020
SOFT99 corporation
President & CEO
Hideaki Tanaka