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Removes water streaksIn just one wipe!
Removes water streaks in just one wipe!
Of the various kinds of car dirt, water streaks rank at the top. Once they appear on your car, a regular car wash will never remove them completely.

Procedure and Tips.

1.Stubborn water streaks.

The water streaks found where a door handle or side mirror concentrates the flow of water are especially stubborn. These dark streaks that look as if they have been drawn onto your car will not be removed by a regular car wash.

Stubborn water streaks.

2.Removes streaks in just one wipe!

There's no need to use water. Just take out a sheet from the package and wipe the stained area. Simply wiping is enough, it is not necessary to scrub the area. Fukupika Stain Cleaner uses our proprietary high-tech sheets combined with our strong cleansing solution to make water stains simply disappear. You really only have to wipe lightly. You won't believe that's all it takes!

Removes streaks in just one wipe! Removes streaks in just one wipe!

Finish!Squeaky-clean finish!

True to its name, Fukupika, removes water streaks completely and makes the surfaces squeaky-clean. This is compatible with both lighter-colored cars and darker-colored cars.

Squeaky-clean finish!