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Q1How to remove bird droppings and bugs?

Don't delay! Paintwork can be damaged.

Bugs contain chemicals that damage paint, and bird droppings contain granules that mar and distort the surface. Wax and coatings can make removal easier, but the only sure way to prevent paint damage is to remove the residue as soon as possible

Don't delay!

Moisture is needed

Car wash & wax wipes are perfect

If possible, use a wash & wax wet wipe, which has the moisture and cleaning function necessary to remove residues without harming the paint.

Car wash & wax wipes are perfect

Let the moisture work

Cover the residue with a wipe and let the moisture soak in until it softens, then gently wipe off. Do not start scrubbing immediately, as this may damage the paint.

Let the moisture work


Speciality wet wipes for bug and bird residue removal

Our exclusive wipes are developed especially, containing the natural oil of oranges, which aids in the removal of bug and bird mess. A life saver on long summer drives.

Fukupika Bugs & Droppings Removal Wipes
For stubbornly sticky residues

In some cases droppings can harden or become sticky and very difficult to remove. Do not attempt to remove by scrubbing with force, as this will damage the paint. Instead, lay a towel over the residue and pour ca. 80℃ hot water onto the area and leave for a few minutes before wiping gently. Take care of the scalding water!

Beware of getting burnt.

For stubbornly sticky residues