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WindowGlass coating

By spraying in 3 seconds,Get water repellent.
By spraying in 3 seconds, get water repellent.
Causes the drops to bounce right off your windshield, improving visibility. It's so convenient, it repels water as soon as you use it in a sudden rain, maintaining clear visibility.

Procedure and Tips.

1.The power of the spray is very important.

Spray-on products allow you to work quickly because it is supposed to be used during bad weather. Therefore, our Glaco "W" Jet Strong spray power has drastically improved by having double-jet nozzles for coating liquid.

Do not work while driving!

The power of the spray is very important.

2.Spray 3 seconds with operating wiper.

It takes approximately 3 seconds to complete the water-repellent coating while moving wipers.

You can use it in a sunny day. Spray evenly onto the windshield and wipe off with a moist towel.

Spray 3 seconds with operating wiper.

Finish!Strongly repels rain as soon as you spray.

Our Glaco "W" Jet Strong's newly developed water repellant ingredients starts repelling water as soon as they adhere to the glass, allowing you to drive in the rain without wipers at speeds of 60km/h or more. You can get the comfortable water-repellent visibility in a flash even if you use it in rain.

Strongly repels rain as soon as you spray.