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Paint deterioration (signboard)

I want to make a painted surface more resistant to deterioration.


There are many painted signs in commercial facilities and companies, as well as information boards in schools, hospitals, and factories. Because these signs are usually installed outdoors, when the paint surface deteriorates due to the influence of ultraviolet rays and rain, the lustre fades or disappears, and the sign becomes difficult to read.
When it gets to this state, it becomes difficult to clean in the usual cleaning and maintenance routine. To solve this, repainting is traditionally required. However, there are a lot of issues that are not solved by just repainting it every time, not to mention the significant cost and time involed in doing so.
However, if these signs were kept in bad condition, it would negatively affect the public image, as well as the usability of the facility, so we have sought to find a solution to this problem at the lowest possible cost.

Background:I want to make a painted surface more resistant to deterioration.


Painted Surface Restoration and Coating

A reactive glass-based coating agent for deteriorated coatings based on our automotive coating technology. The hard, transparent protective film covers the deteriorated painted surface, eliminates uneven reflection, and restores the colour lustre to like-new.
After the coating has been applied, the rate of deterioration of the painted surface is vbastly reduced, and the lustre is kept by quick and easy maintenance.

Painted Surface Restoration and Coating
Diagram of protective layer formation
(degraded coating gloss revival coating agent)
When the paint deteriorates. When the paint deteriorates. When the painted surface deteriorates due to ultraviolet rays and rain, the light is reflected unevenly, the lustre disappears, and it looks discoloured and faded.
The deterioration paint lustre revival coating The deterioration paint lustre revival coating The deteriorated painted surface is covered with a glass-based coating layer, eliminating uneven reflections, and reviving the colour like new.
Target materials
Outdoor installation signboard
Guide board in the factory
Hot water supply equipment
Features of the faded paint restoration coating agent
  • Dirt repellent
    The dirt does not stick and is removed easily by wiping with just water.
  • Weather resistant
    Protects against UV rays and acid rain
  • Anti-rust
    Prevents deterioration due to corrosion
  • Glossiness
    Produces a beautiful shine due to the glass-like coating


Since the deterioration of the painted surface is greatly reduced by the treatment with SOFT99's Painted Surface Restoration and Coating, a significant cost reduction effect can be noted compared to repainting. Moreover, because the maintenance after construction is also reduced in time and cost, customer satisfaction is very high.

Advantages of the deterioration paint gloss revival coating agent
Current state of the signboard (degraded painted product) Appliction benefits
The contents of the display are difficult to see. Easy to see what is displayed
Dirty Less dirt adheres
Maintenance takes time Maintenance time is reduced
High repair costs Reduction of repair costs
Poor company image Stays clean and improves company image
Application on deteriorated signs (paint)
Before Before
After After


Traffic direction sign
Suita City, Osaka
Business type:
University Building
Construction site:
Traffic direction sign
Painted surface