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PROSPEC H-7 Anti-viral Coat for Equipment

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This reactive ceramic coating product will form a coating that firmly incorporates antimicrobial compounds during the curing reaction with moisture in the air, providing an excellent abrasion resistance with 7H pencil hardness, and a long-lasting ability to inactivate viruses that come into contact.
The fluid spreads well, wipes off lightly, and achieves excellent workability. It allows easy maintenance of facilities' hygiene and appearance, simply by wiping with water.

Name of product PROSPEC H-7 Anti-viral Coat for Equipment
JAN code 4975759331261
Content 100ml
2× Application sponge
2× Application cloth
Ingredients and materials iso-octane, polysiloxanes, inorganic compounds, molybdenum and its compounds, methanol

How to use the product

Note: This is a professional-use product. This is not available for purchase by consumers.

1. Prepare the surface for use, including cleaning, degreasing and thorough drying.

2. Shake well vertically before use. When in use, cap and shake at appropriate intervals.

3. Apply the liquid to the white face of the sponge, and spread liquid evenly over surface to be treated.

4. After drying for 1-3 minutes, wipe down the surface with the cloth.

5. Keep surface dry for 12 hours to cure.

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