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PROSPEC Hard Glass Coat Water-Repellent Type

Lasting approximately 1 year, PROSPEC Hard Glass Coat forms a layer of pencil hardness 7H, which protects car body from dirt and creates a long-lasting, deep gloss. Super-hydrophobic version.
* The duration of effect may vary depending on storage conditions and maintenance of vehicle.

Name of product PROSPEC Hard Glass Coat Water-Repellent Type
JAN code 4975759036586
Content Liquid 100ml ×1pc
Sponge ×1pc
Exclusive Cloth × 2pcs
Inner cap with a hole ×1pc

How to use the product

* Before use, shake the container well until the precipitate is mixed evenly.

1. Thoroughly decontaminate and degrease the surface to be treated. If water is used, be sure to dry thoroughly.

2. Shake the bottle very well just before use and insert the inner plug. Put the liquid on the gray part of the sponge and spread evenly on each panel.

3. Dry for a short time, then wipe with the exclusive cloth when the surface appears hazed.(Summer: 1 minute, Winter: 2 - 5 minutes)b Repeat for each panel.

4. After applying, allow to cure without wetting for 12 hours.
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