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PROSPEC Acrylic polymer

After spreading with a dual action polisher, just wipe up lightly to conceal scratches such as car wash and polishing scratches, and create a clear gloss. Furthermore, the polymer itself is hydrophobic, adding water-repellency to the vehicle surface.

Name of product PROSPEC Acrylic polymer
JAN code 4975759036562
Content Acrylic polymer liquid 1Kg
Exclusive Cloth × 1Pc

How to use the product

1. Wash and dry the vehicle.

2. Mask over the gaps between the doors, rubber parts and unpainted plastic parts.

3. Put Acrylic Polymer (1 - 2 tsp) on the pad.

* 1 - 2 tsp = 1/3 mid-size car bonnet

4. Polish the car body with the polisher.

* repeat as necessary until all scratches are concealed.

5. After polishing, wipe off excess with the exclusive cloth included.
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