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Fast-acting soap.Surprisingly beautiful results.
Fast-acting soap. Surprisingly beautiful results.
Easy to clean and leave a gloss on your tires when your tires are dirty and dull. You can also use it after driving in rain or mud.

Procedure and Tips.

1.Speed is our cleaner's specialty.

Of course, you can work quickly, but if your cleaner disperses too slowly, the dirt that has risen to the surface of your cleaning liquid will simply get redistributed onto the tires and you'll end up needing to wash them again. Our "4X" uses a new super-mist mousse formula that disappears at an astounding rate, reducing the working time to as little as 1/4th the usual length.

Speed is our cleaner's specialty.

2.Coating performance is also important.

Of course, this means a deep rich black and high quality shine, but also, because tires are quick to become dirty again, it means providing a superior barrier to future dirtying.

The difference is very obvious between the applied area (left) and non-applied area (right). 2 types of high viscosity silicone resin adheres firmly to tires, maintaining a black gloss and the barrier performance for a long period.

Coating performance is also important.

Finish!Surprisingly beautiful results!

Finish!Surprisingly beautiful results!