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H-7 Glass-coat 50ml

H-7 is a tough, silicon-based coating that forms a hard glass layer to protect a variety of objects in harsh environments: vehicles, marine vessels, vending machines, trains, signage, and other outside equipment and its housing. H-7 protects against corrosion from rain, salt, mud, chemicals, UV radiation, and even abrasion. Not only that, but it gives a high-gloss finish with excellent durability.

Name of product H-7 Glass-coat 50ml
Type 50ml
JAN code 4975759102977
Content Liquid 50ml
Application pad × 1pc
Application cloth × 2pcs
Gloves × 2pcs
Removal cloth × 1pc
Pasteur pipette × 1pc

How to use the product

1. Completely remove grease and dirt from areas to be treated. If a cleaning agent or water is used, allow to dry completely.

2. Apply liquid to the white surface of the included sponge. Apply evenly to the surface, leaving no untreated or poorly covered areas. Use each sponge for only one application (do not reuse a sponge that has hardened).

3. Allow to dry for approximately 5 minutes, and wipe down lightly with the included cloth.

4. After coating, leave to cure in a dry place for 12 hours.
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