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G'ZOX Real Glass Coat - Class M

This is the pinnacle of the Real Glass Coat range of ceramic coatings. The long-lasting, ultra-hard layer protects from dust, UV, acid rain, and other chemical fallout, while boasting amazing water-repellent effects and a dazzlingly deep gloss to give the vehicle an awesome presence.

Name of product G'ZOX Real Glass Coat - Class M
JAN code 4975759037033
Content Liquid A: 116ml
Liquid B: 4ml
1× Application sponge
1× White microfiber cloth
Ingredients and materials Liquid A: modified silicone, isooctane
Liquid B: silicone mixture, methanol, 1-butanol

How to use the product

This product is for professional use only. It is not available for the general public.

1. Shake Liquid A and Liquid B well immediately before use.

2. Put the full amount of Liquid B into the Liquid A bottle, close the cap, shake well and mix the liquids.

3. Insert flow-limiting cap to the mouth of the bottle.

4. Take an appropriate amount onto the sponge and spread it evenly on the body.

5. After application, wipe off with the white cloth (immediately in summer or after about 1 minute in winter).

After application, keep dry for about six hours.

Note: If the temperature is less than 10°, heat treatment by heater or other means during drying is recommended to aid curing.

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