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An ultra hard dual-layer glass coating boasting 8 on the Mohs scale provides excellent protection with the most powerful, durable hydrophobicity in G'ZOX history, and dizzyingly deep gloss.
The Base Coat makes use of a powerful polymerisation process to create an ultra-hard, highly durable glass barrier. The Top Coat uses Fusso fluoropolymer technology to create a layer with amazing hydrophobic and oleophobic properties that produce almost spherical beads of water and repel both water- and oil-based dirt.

Name of product Hi-MOHS COAT The Neo
JAN code 4975759033707
Content Hi-MOHS COAT Base Coat 80ml
Hi-MOHS COAT The Neo Top Coat A 63ml
Hi-MOHS COAT The Neo Top Coat B 7ml
Inner plug × 2pcs
Top Coat application pad × 1pc
Base Coat application cloth × 1pc
Base Coat removal cloth × 1pc
Top Coat application cloth × 1pc
Top Coat removal cloth × 1pc
Finishing cloth × 1pc

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