Hanneri Wax

Hanneri Wax


Hanneri Wax, a soft pasted wax that has been formulated with an all-new method of development. It removes dirt and spots while maintaining the beautiful shine of the car body. Compatible with all non-black cars, whether old or new.

Product Name Hanneri Wax
Contents 280g


  • * Make sure that your color is compatible with this product.
  • * Wash off sand, dust, and dirt, and wipe off any remaining water drops from car surface.
  • 1. Take a moderate amount of the wax and spread it evenly onto car's body using the included sponge.
  • 2. Rub more firmly to remove heavier stains like dirt, tar, and pitch.
  • 3. After surface gets dry (5-10 minutes), wipe it off with a soft clean towel.
    Make sure to finish entire process. If left unfinished, it may cause spots or unevenness.
  • 4. Seal up the can container in order to prevent the fluid from evaporating. Also wash your hands well with soap afterwards.
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