Oil Additives G-BOOST

Oil Additives G-BOOST


Only adding this additive to the in-use oil! Increase engine power, decreases friction, reinforces brand-new oil, and restores in-use oil. It contains organic formulated compounds which keeps stable oil layer in the cylinder even under high revolution. Increases compression efficiency by the improvement of sealing effect. Moreover it decreases friction, boosts engine power and torque. By repeated use, it forms molybdenum disulfide coating layer on the metal contacting surface, except to reduce metal attack at timing of dry ignition.
*This product is exclusive for gasoline engine vehicles.

Product Name Oil Additives G-BOOST
Contents 300ml


  • * When using, be sure to stop the engine. Clean up around oil tank inlet to avoid dust getting into engine.
  • 1. Open oil cap, then pour this product into oil tank not to spill it out of tank.
  • 2. Close the cap tightly. Idle the engine for about 5 min. Then make sure the oil quantity is appropriate level by checking oil gauge.
  • * Moderate amount is 1 can for 3- 6L engine oil.
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