Fusso Coat Mirror Shine

Fusso Coat Mirror Shine


All you need to do is put the liquid on the included microfiber cloth and spread it evenly. Wiping off is NOT necessary!!! The effects of duration and antifouling last up to 9 months. It repels water and oil.
Applying on a deteriorated surface will bring out the shine and strength in the car's paint. Petroleum solvent and abrasive compound are NOT included!

Product Name Fusso Coat Mirror Shine
Type Light color car only
Dark color car only
Contents 250ml


  • * Wipe off dirt marks and remove water drops remaining on the surface.
  • 1. Shake the bottle well and put the liquid on the included cloth.
  • 2. Spread it on the car surface as evenly as possible. Drying or wiping off is NOT necessary!
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