Coating & Cleaning Liquid Wax

Coating & Cleaning Liquid Wax


Preventing the readhesion of dirt, 2 kinds of powdered cleansers get rid of stubborn dirt on the surface and even in fine scratches. Furthermore, blended fluorine brings out strong water repellency lasting up to 120 days, so it does not require you to wash the car so often. 

Product Name Coating & Cleaning Liquid Wax
Type White & White Pearl
Silver & Dark
Contents 500ml


  • * Make sure your car's color is compatible with this product.
  • 1. Remove dirt with water and wipe off water drops remaining on the surface.
  • 2. Put the liquid on the sponge and spread it on the surface evenly.
  • 3. Dry for a while (in the summer for 5 minutes, in the winter for 10 minutes) and wipe it off with a dry clean towel.
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