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Window Cleaning < Sheet type >

Just one wipe. Easy care

Quickly removes minor dust and rain streaks from the windshield and tobacco and oil streaks from the inner side of the glass. It allows you to easily clean the glass with a simple wipe.

■Procedure and Tips.

1.Make sure to clean the glass as soon as you notice the need.

Any dirt will gradually become more difficult to wipe off as time passes. Wipe off dirt with our Glass Cleaning Wipes whenever you notice it, reducing the time and effort you have to spend on cleaning the glass later.

Take out a sheet and wipe off. This product is popular for its excellent dirt removal performance.

Finish! For both inside and outside, you can clean the glass with a simple wipe.

Our special cleaning agents work together with our high-tech dirt absorbing sheets to quickly wipe away the dirt.

Dirt that has been absorbed by our sheets won't be redeposite​d onto the glass.

Because there's no liquid to drip or splatter, our sheets are perfect for cleaning the glass' interior surface.

Time-savi​ng Tips

They're safe to use on dashboards and interiors.

It's so convenient​, it can even be used to clean plastic surfaces. For each part you intend to clean, just be sure to test the product in an inconspicu​ous area to ensure there are no adverse effects to the surface.

The long handle of our "Handy Wiper Glass Cleaning Wipes" is very convenient​.

Use it by attaching our Glass Cleaning Wipes to the handle. Troublesom​e, difficult to wipe areas such as the inside of your windshield can be easily cleaned while comfortabl​y sitting in the front seat. The combinatio​n of a flexible head and flexible handle allow you to clean around curves and sharp angles and even deep into narrow crevices.

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