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Q8 Cannot Wipe Off Glass Coating Agent

Remove Difficulty When Dry the Agent Too Much Adhere after applying if you leave too much.

Generally glass coating agent should wipe off 10 minutes after getting dry.
However if you leave for a long time, it remains residue or causes unevenness.

1 hour expose in direct sunlight is this result!

The picture shows difficulty of removing agent.

The solution is surprisingly easy!

Apply the same coating agent once again!

Frankly to say, glass coating agent is formulated water repellent agent dissolve into solvent.
So, dissolve adhered ingredient with same solvent.

Do not leave it this time!

Once liquid gets whiten, firmly wipe it off immediately.


Beware of applying in high temperature and strong sunlight, because it gets dry so fast.


Use Glass Compound When Cannot Remove Enough!

In case of leaving for a long time or fluorine type glass coating agent cannot remove enough. Then use glass compound to polish.

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