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Q7 Cannot Remove White Deposit on Chrome Parts

The stain caused by mineral ingredients of rain water. Looks bad such a condition, doesn't it?

One of the point which looks gorgeous is chrome parts.
But, if you Leave rain water or tap water, mineral ingredients are gradually adhering such a condition.
It cannot remove by car wash.

Chrome Frame around Side Window

Don't Worry. We Have Exclusive Cleaner!

Restore the brightness if use chrome cleaner!

Superfine abrasive agent dissolves dirt or minor scratch without damaging chrome parts.
Start from pouring the liquid onto clean soft cloth.

Process is just polish lightly!

Exclusive cleaner works easily but gets brilliant finish!
Just polish lightly as squeaking. Do not rub the surface too strong.

Sometimes check the condition.
Wipe with dry clean towel and check how it works is efficient.

Finish Cleaning!

Remove not only white stain, but also minor scratches which cause on dimness.
Restore the shines chrome parts as if it looks a new car!

Looks better if you pay attention to minor area!

Looks not really cool in spite of washing wheel and tire beautifully.
In this case, take care of minor area such as chrome parts.
We guarantee it must be effective!

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