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Q6 Concerned Headlight Yellowing

It Caused by Aged Deterioration. Cannot Dissolve by Regular Car Wash! Yellowing is occurred by UV rays, dust crashed when you drive.

Headlight yellowing or dim must be standing out when parks next to the new car.
It caused by fading UV ray's resin material or minor scratch caused by dust attacked in driving, so cannot remove by car wash.

Then Use Exclusive Maintenance Kit!

It includes exclusive cleaner and coating agent.

Cleaner dissolve yellowing or minor scratches, the coating agent use for head light protection.

For the first step, remove yellowing or minor scratches!

Start from removing dirt or dust adhere on the surface.
Super micron abrasive powder and exclusive detergent effect dissolve yellowing and dim which car wash cannot.

Only polish until it looks beautiful finish!

Sometimes, check the surface condition is more efficient.
If it hardly remove, polish lightly strong feeling like rub off.

Keep the beautiful for a long term by exclusive coating agent!

Even headlight restores the transparent, it would be deteriorated if you leave then.
Use exclusive coating agent to prevent bad effect such as UV rays or dust by harden beautiful layer.

Look at this finish! It looks as new!

Headlight is like a car eye, so definitely identify the difference!
It must be effective as well as maintain the tires and wheels.


The way to prevent yellowing and dim!

If the car is new, only apply the coating agent can prevent the deterioration caused by UV rays or dust. In case, do not need the cleaner.

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