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Q5 White Blurring Unpainted Resin

It is caused by deterioration of resin itself. Affected bad effect of environment because it is unpainted.

Bottom parts such as bumper, molding, door mirror or side pillar, cowl top are faded as time goes by.
Even you care with luster for resin, it can get the effect as makeshift.

Recommend to use exclusive unpainted resin coating agent.

This is when unpainted resin coating agent comes into play

This picture you can see the white dim is deteriorated the resin by itself. Cannot restore by car wash.
Necessity to restore and maintain black shine with exclusive coating agent.

First of all, rinse off surface of the parts.

Wash with car shampoo to remove wax residue, oily dirt firmly. Of course rinse it enough, wipe off water drop firmly.

Pour coating agent onto sponge.

This time, use "G'ZOX Prospec Nano Hard" Surprising well application. So, only you need to use small quantity onto sponge.

Apply toward same direction without the space.

You can feel restoring the black shine instantly when you apply at the same time.
5 minutes dry after apply. Wipe off with coating residue with clean towel.

Restore black shine as if it looks new.Last up to 6 months.

The secret of beautiful black shine is harden transparent "glassy" layer which forms onto unpainted resin surface.
Excellent durability hard to rinse off by rain or shampoo like conventional luster, so last the beautifully finish for a long time.
Surely use for a new car to prevent whitening.

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