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Q3 Smudge on the Fabric Sheet...

Remove with Exclusive Cleaner as soon as possible. It is getting difficult to remove as time goes by.

Drop fast-food or coffee, these things must be happened many times. Then the most important thing is do not leave only care with tissue.
Because it may cause bacteria and odor also hard to remove smudge. Recommend immediate removing with exclusive cleaner.

Float the Smudge and Absorb

Spray the Cleaner to Dirty Area.

Foaming type can spray directly without splatter around the area.

Brush as if Float the Smudge.

Rub tenderly with exclusive brush. It is available to use used tooth brush if the brush is not attached.

Wipe off the Dirty Area as Beating.

If wipe as smear, it would penetrate into fabric deeply...
Absorb the dirty detergent as patting with towel. Use clean face of towel.

Cleaning is Done!

Dissolve awareness smudge, dirt and bad odor! Keep clean for a long time.

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