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Q2 Swirl Marks Appear on the Hood...

This is called "Car Wash Scratch", "Polishing Scratch" Unavoidable Scratch

Car wash scratch is micro scratches on the top of car paint surface caused by rubbing with sponge or towel when used in car wash or applying wax. In particular, black or dark color cars easily stand out.

Dissolve Polishing with Compound

Polish with Mild Compound for Minor Scratches Removal.

Compound is creamy chemical contains abrasive ingredient. This time, use "Micro Liquid Compound" which is mild type using as stain cleaner, so suitable for beginner.

Squeaking sound is the signal of removing scratches.

Make the force slightly as same direction. Then occur squeaking sounds. This is what remove the scratch. When liquid white streak is getting disappear, refill the liquid onto the sponge.

Work as 50 square cm.

If you desire applying entirely, it causes not only get tired but also finish un-beautifully.
Apply 50 square cm each to finish securely. Sometimes wipe with clean towel and check whether it can be removed or not.

Remove scratch, water stain and deteriorate paint at the same time.

It is able to remove scratch, water stain and the stain strongly adhere onto paint surface are completely disappeared. Get the smooth finish!
The better way for paint surface protection is apply the Wax!


Recommend to use scratch removal car wash items for regular maintenance!

Takes time to polish with compound whole of the hood. For regular maintenance, use car shampoo and wax which feature scratch removal or polish with compound around the conspicuous area.

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