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Q1 Adhere Bird Dropping & Bugs

Don't Leave Bird Dropping and Dead Bug These are penetrated paint by acid.

Bird dropping contains strong acid than you think. If you leave it, it causes peeling or crack of the paint. Dead bug is also damaged paint.
This is soiled thing but remove immediately for your cherished car.

Get Soaked and Wipe

Car wash wet wipes is convenient.

If possible, use car wash wipes. It can remove excellently with cleaning ingredient without damaging the paint.

Cover the wipes until it becomes sodden.

Do not rub the paint even this is wet type. The tip is cover the dirty area until it becomes sodden and gently wipe it.


Exclusive wet wipes for bird dropping and dead bugs

We have exclusive wet wipes contained orange oil which is effective for removing dead bugs or bird dropping.
Suitable for long drive in summer night.

For stubborn sticky dropping or dead bugs

In case of hardened dropping or dead bugs, it may not remove with wet wipes.
Then do not rub it forcedly. Put the towel with pouring hot water (around 80℃) and leave it. Must be removing the dirt easily.

Beware of getting burnt.

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