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Lesson 9 Clean Side Mirrors

Things You'll Need

The mirror coating agent prevents rain from adhering to side mirrors on a rainy day.

Maintenance of side mirrors will allow you to drive more comfortably on a rainy day.

If the side mirrors are as shown in the picture while driving, it is very dangerous.

Have you ever been concerned about changing lanes when water droplets on your side mirrors were obstructing​ your vision of the road behind you?

Then, Use a Mirror Coating Agent!

A magic spray that prevents rain from adhering to side mirrors.

Very easy to use!
Wash the side mirrors with a car shampoo to remove dirt and oil from the surfaces, dry thoroughly and spray.

You're done when the cloud is gone!

Soon after spraying, the surface becomes white and cloudy. However, it's will become a clear surface. With this simple process, the state-of-the-art water repellent coating is created, repelling any small rain drops.

Seemingly there is nothing on the surface, but there are numerous water-repelling bumps created.

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