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Lesson7 Clean Windows (Outside & Inside)

Things You'll Need

Dirty windshields hinder your vision while driving. You should clean the windshield frequently.

Outside Windows

2.Apply Water Repellent Glass Coating!

Apply, wipe off and you're done! So Easy!

The effect is of course amazing, but it's very easy to use.
First, apply the coating liquid to the clean windshield,


and allow it to dry until the surface whitens. Wait for 5 minutes at high temperatures and 10 minutes at low temperatures.

3.Wipe Off

After the surface dries, wipe off with a moist towel and you're done!

You'll see the difference on a rainy day!

With this simple work, you can get a clear, water repellent windshield, which will make you look forward to driving on a rainy day. It also improves visibility while driving at night.


Easier Types

There are a spray type and wipes type.

Spray type is convenient while raining.

The spray-on product helps you work quickly because it is supposed to be used during bad weather. In addition, the strong spray power allows you to easily spray even on a wide windshield. By simply moving the wipers, the windshield starts repelling water.
Be sure to park the car at a safe place before spraying.

Inside Windows

Wipe Inside Windows with Moist Towel.

Don't forget to wipe with a dry towel afterward.

Tightly wring a wet towel and wipe the windows with the towel. A tip is to wipe with a dry towel before the surface gets dry thoroughly. Remaining streaks and lint on the window can be removed.


Use a glass cleaner for removing difficult dirt such as tar, etc.

Be sure to use a glass cleaner for cars, because household glass cleaners may contain glare ingredients.
In order to prevent the liquid from splattering, spray the proper cleaner onto a towel and wipe down the windows.

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