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Lesson 6 Wash Tires & Wheels

Things You'll Need

Have you had the experience that the car body is squeaky clean from the wax effect, but somehow on the whole, the car doesn't look perfect? It may be caused by lack of care for tires. Clean tires and wheels make your car look much cooler!

2.Use Tire Cleaner.

Tires are dirtier than you think.

Tires are exposed to asphalt tar, mud, sand, dust, etc. Generally, the regular car wash can't remove these difficult substances. So, use a tire cleaner! We recommend a spray type which allows for use while keeping your hands clean.

We recommend the cleaner with gloss and coating effects!

You can leave it after spraying.
Dirt will be rinsed with the cleaner, and it brings back a like-new black gloss on tires.


Types of Tire Cleaners

There are various types of tire cleaners depending on use. A solid type adds a natural-looking black gloss, a liquid type can improve gloss, dirt resistance, durability, etc. You can chose what you like!

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