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Lesson 5 Car Wash 5 (Coating)

Things You'll Need

Using a coating agent sounds very difficult. However, it makes your daily maintenance much easier. So, it's the perfect item for those who are lazy or have no time for car wash.

Apply Coating With Towel And You're Done!

Today's coating agents are very easy to use!

We use Fusso Coat Mirror Shine this time. Apply to the car body with a towel and you're done! It's really easy to use because you don't have to wait to dry and wipe off.

Be sure not to leave any uncoated areas behind.

For best results, work on sections of approximately 2.7 square feet (50cm x 50cm) at a time, leaving no uncoated areas behind.

Work on sections of approximately 2.7 square feet (50cm x 50cm) at a time.
Long-lasting Protection.

For example, this Fusso Coat Mirror Shine can maintain the effects for 9 months. During all that time, it prevents rain and dirt from adhering heavily to the car body, so the high-gloss surface lasts for a long time by simply washing the car.


We recommend SMOOTH EGG Liquid for cars with professional glass coating!

You can use it for maintaining cars with professional glass coating. It creates a water repellent coating which is as smooth as a peeled boiled egg, repairing a damaged professional glass coating.

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