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Lesson 4 Car Wash 4 (Waxing)

Things You'll Need

Waxing is not so difficult as long as the car was washed properly. Choose a wax which is compatible with your car paint color.

Descriptions Paint Color Paint Types
Dark & Metallic Dark colored cars such as black, red, green, blue, etc. Pearl / Metallic / Solid
Silver Metallic Light colored cars such as silver, etc. Pearl / Metallic
Pearl White Pearl white Pearl / Metallic
White & Silver Light colored cars such as white, silver, etc. Pearl / Metallic / Solid
White White Solid
Any Color White (except pearl white) / Beige All Types

3.Wipe Off Wax

Allow it to dry until the surface becomes white, and wipe off.

Do not wipe off before the surface gets dry.
Dry for 5-10 minutes during the summer and for 15-20 minutes during the winter.

As the surface becomes white, you can wipe off smoothly.

The Great Wax Effect!


No-Need-To-Wipe-Off Wax

You don't have to wait to dry and wipe off, which allows you to finish waxing efficiently.

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