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Lesson2 Car Wash 2 (Iron Removal)

Things You'll Need

You can hardly remove iron powder with a basic car wash. This is the special item for easily removing such contaminants.

2.Remove Iron Powder

Use Clay Bar.

Literally, this is a cleaner made of clay.
First, knead and flatten it.

Gently Rub Body After Car Wash, Adding Water.

Be sure to use the clay bar AFTER washing the car.
In order to avoid scratches, gently rub the body with the clay bar, adding water. You will be surprised that iron powder which a regular car wash fails to remove is easily cleaned off.

Knead and Fold Clay Frequently.

As the clay bar gets dirty with iron powder, knead and fold it to continue to use a clean surface. You can use one clay bar 3-4 times although it depends on how dirty it is. Stop using when the clay bar gets entirely dirty regardless how many times you have used it.

Dramatically Improves The Results Of Washing & Waxing!

The car body becomes very smooth after removed iron powder, which helps you easily wipe off wax and coating agent and dramatically improves the results.


Mechanism of Clay Bar

Figure BScrubbing hard ends up damaging the surface. The clay bar can easily pull out iron powder and absorb it, so there is no worry about scratches.

We have a clay bar which is specially developed for coated cars.
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