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Lesson 1 Car Wash 1 (With Car Shampoo)

Things You'll Need

You will also need a bucket and hose.
A sponge with grip will help you clean the roof easily.
We recommend you use an absorbent microfiber towel instead of a normal towel, because it doesn't take as much effort and time.

4.Dry With A Towel

High Absorption Towel Helps You A Lot!

This kind of towel can absorb many times as much water as a normal towel, which allows you to finish drying in no time at all.
There are various types and sizes such as towels, sponges, etc. Check them out at your nearest stores.

Wiping Technique.

Spread the towel on a wet car body and pull it toward you. It allows you to efficiently dry the car with a towel, especially the hood, roof, etc.


Dry Thoroughly! Do Not Leave Water Drops Behind.

Especially be careful During high temperature and dry seasons. If calcium and chlorine contained in tap water dry in a short time, it becomes a stain called "Ion Deposit", which a regular car wash can't remove.

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