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Episode 4 How to Choose Car Wash Items

Basic 3 Items: Car Shampoo, Sponge and Towel.

Car Shampoo

Choose a proper car shampoo depending on your car color. There are various types of car shampoo such as wax-in type, water stain removal type, scratch removal type, etc., but the most important thing is that the color is compatible or not.


You can use a sponge attached to a car shampoo, however, it's better to use a separate sponge when washing tires and wheels because If you use a sponge used for washing tires and wheels for washing the car body, it will leave scratches on the body.
A sponge with a grip will help you clean hard-to-reach areas and allow for use while keeping your hands clean.


You can use old towels, because they absorb more water than new ones. Sponge type towels called synthetic chamois and super absorbent microfiber towels can absorb many times as much water as normal towels, which allows you to wipe off quickly. In addition, it doesn't damage the surfaces because you don't have to wipe many times.

Normal Towel

Normal Towel

Absorbent Towel for Car Wash

Absorbent Towel for Car Wash

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