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Dashboard Cleaning < Sheet type >

Long lasting, beautiful glossy finish

Matte dashboards are in style. This method will restore the surface's finish without hurting the natural mellow texture.

■Procedure and Tips.

1.Just one wipe!

Simply take a cleaning sheet of our Dashboard Cleaning Cloth and wipe the stained area. Store the package of sheets somewhere easy to reach, such as on your dashboard, to be sure you can treat the area as soon as possible.

2.A mellow gloss without a glare.

Applies a subtle finish without hurting the natural glare-free surface. Using our specially designed absorbent sheets along with our cleaning liquid, you can also remove any dirt such as hand prints or tobacco residue. Our specially formulated antibacterial agents will even remove odor causing bacteria.

Finish! A beautiful finish that lasts and lasts!

We've even added ingredients to protect against UV damage that can cause the deterioration of the surface. Our finishing agent provides an anti-static barrier, preventing dust from adhering to the dashboard, maintaining the beautiful gloss for a long time.

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