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Mirror Coating < Hydrophilic type >

Water drops disappear In a flash!

This coating removes water droplets on your side mirrors in a flash, restoring your visibility. This product's outstanding feature is its "hydrophilic" coating, allowing it to be used even on a wet mirror.

■Procedure and Tips.

1.Annoying water droplets on side mirrors.

Have you ever been concerned about changing lanes when water droplets on your side mirrors were obstructin​g your vision of the road behind you?

2.Then use our New No Water Drop.

Spray onto the side mirrors where water droplets remain. These water droplets that have been obscuring your vision will disappear, restoring your field of view and allowing you to drive safe and sound.

Do not work while driving!

Finish! Prevents rainwater from beading up.

New No Water Drop creates a thin even layer of water on your mirrors. When raindrops come in contact with that layer, water particles instantly bond to each other and disappear into the layer, preventing them from obscuring your vision.

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