Bumper Cleaning

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Uncoated resin bumpers are quick to deteriorat​e and lose their luster over time, developing a whitened and dulled surface. To counteract the degradatio​n and ensure the bumper maintains its beautiful condition, try this car care solution.

■Procedure and Tips.

1.A dull, faded bumper will hurt the overall beauty of your car.

The car's bumper is an important part of a car's overall appearance​. If your bumper is faded and dull, no amount of polish to the body will be able to make up for it.

2.First, remove the dirt.

In order to completely remove any oily residue, such as that those left by wax, use a car shampoo to wash your car. Of course, rinse thoroughly when you are done.

3.Apply our glossy restoration treatment for uncoated resin bumpers, Nano Hard.

Apply Nano Hard after drying the surface thoroughly. You would be surprised by how just a little can go a long way, so only apply a small amount to the sponge.

4.Apply evenly in the same direction, avoiding missed spots.

At the same time as applying, restores marvelous black gloss on the whiten bumper before your very eyes. Allow to dry for 5 minutes after applying and wipe down lightly with a clean towel.

Finish! This black gloss lasts more than 6 months.

"Nano Hard" creates a hard transparent glossy coating on the uncoated resin bumper. Unlike other products, it isn't removed by rain or cleaning agents, maintaining the beautiful results for a long time.

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