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Original Color Restoration

Restores the original color

Although the scratch removal wax and scratch removal compound can remove minor scratches which are most visible in direct sunlight, they can't handle with color fading or other color-related problems. However, our Color Evolution restores the original color like a new car.

For each part you intend to clean, just be sure to test the product in an inconspicu​ous area to ensure there are no adverse effects to the surface.

■Procedure and Tips.

1.Shake bottle well and put the liquid onto a sponge.

Wear the included gloves, shake bottle well and put a moderate amount of the liquid on the yellow side of the included sponge.

2.Apply Color Evolution.

Apply evenly to each panel such as roof, hood and trunk at a time.

3.Wipe off after the surfaces get dry.

After it dries completely, wipe off with the included cloth. Be sure to leave no unwiped areas.

Do not allow it to dry for too much.
An approximate drying time : 5-10 minutes in summer, 15-25 minutes in winter.

Finish! Restores the original color!

Removes minor scratches, restoring the original color like a new car!

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