Improve Gloss

Thick and Clear Gloss

Get a thick and clear gloss like a mirror. Enjoy our authentic wax results with an easy work without wiping off.

■Procedure and Tips.

1.First, rinse the car.

The first step to washing a car is to rinse it off. Use plenty of water to wash away things such as sand or dust which might cause scratching to the paint as you wash the vehicle. Any dirt that remains after this will at least be softened by absorbing moisture, making washing your car easier on your car body. It's best to rinse dirt off from the top downward.

2.Put car shampoo onto a sponge

This time we're using our Neutral Shampoo Creamy Type. Wash the car after applying the shampoo directly to the included sponge while holding the shampoo bottle in one hand.

3.Wash the car softly.

Wash the car softly using enough soap, instead of rubbing on the body. Applying too much force may cause scratches.

4.Rinse thoroughly.

Rinse off from top downward with plenty of water. Neutral Shampoo Creamy Type is convenient to rinse it off, because its cleaning ingredients won't adhere to the surface even if they dry.

5.Do not apply too much wax.

To get the right amount, the sponge should be wiped around on the wax once or twice until the sponge surface is slightly white. Although too much wax doesn't damage the paint, it takes more time to dry and more effort to wipe it off afterward.

6.No need to wipe off after applying!

Apply wax to the car body in coats alternating vertically and horizontally without leaving untreated area. It is best if the final pass is in the direction the car travels.

Finish! Your beloved car, reborn.

Only our Mirror Shine WAX Solid Type can allows to have a marvelous gloss. This mirror-like gloss is beyond description.

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