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Message from President

Hideaki Tanaka,President & CEO
Hideaki Tanaka,President & CEO

On behalf of every member of SOFT99 group, I would like to sincerely thank all our supporters for the amazing encouragement and understanding they continue to offer us every day. The previous season saw us make great progress over the first year of the 5th medium-term plan “SHIFT DOWN!!” – implementing various new strategies in sales and product development. As a result, both sales and profits are at their highest levels recorded since being listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, with profits from sales reaching the targets for the last year of the medium-term plan. The growth of our group has mainly been driven by favourable sales conditions for fine chemicals overseas, and porous materials for semiconductors.
As well as increased successes in existing activities, in parallel we have been developing structures to support future expansion of sales. Regarding fine chemicals, as the shift continues from object-based to experience- and service-based private consumption, we have increased our support of services in retail establishments, and worked hard to make our products part of those in-store services. In car care, we have applied ourselves to build up sales structures that allow agile adaptability in the markets and industries surrounding automobiles. In porous materials, we have continued to develop new opportunities by cultivating demand in diverse fields such as medical and environmental applications.
In a certain sense, for each area of activity, we feel the need to expand our manufacturing capabilities to address future increases in demand, but we will also work through this season to rapidly give shape to new areas of business that can become pillars of profit in future markets that may have gone through huge changes; we will accelerate the realisation of manufacturing structures capable of addressing those changes.
Over the coming season, our group will continue to work in line with the medium-term plan, developing new products, services, and markets to provide solutions that will become our Future Essentials.
As for everyone else, we eagerly anticipate cooperating productively and look forward to your continued support and warm encouragement. As always, we thank you with the highest regards and best wishes to all.

June 2018
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