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Message from President

Hideaki Tanaka,President & CEO
Hideaki Tanaka,President & CEO

We sincerely thank you for your continued understanding and support for the SOFT99 group's business activities.
The medium-term management plan "SOFT 99 Drive" has completed and starts a new medium-term management plan called "SHIFT DOWN!!" from this term.
In the previous medium-term management plan, there were certain results such as increased sales of materials for high-tech industries and in medical applications in the porous materials business, in the fine chemical business field, our professional use product range is highly increased sales volume because of the rise of high-tech automobiles and new automobile related services was developed. Although we were not able to expand consumer product range due to having some changes related between human and automobile, the rise of high-tech automobiles.
In respond with these environmental changes, in the new mid-term management plan, we will shift to new markets accelerating more vigorously by shifting down like automobiles, looking for big changes expected to occur in the future. This is the reason why we are aiming for "SHIFT DOWN!!" as a title.
In the automotive field, we will seek various customer contact points related to automobiles, and will work together to develop new products and services for beauty and maintenance. Regarding to overseas market, we will continue to focus on further markets deeply in areas that have been developed, and in order to develop new areas we will prepare the circumstance for sales and product development systems.
In the industrial field where new initiatives are progressing strongly and recent growth is expected in recent years, we will strive to expand sales to utilize our group's surface modification technology and functional precision porous technology for solving a wide range of problems.
In the living field, we focus on niche categories and strive to develop products that solve small problems and stress in daily life.
Under these policies, we will continue to provide products and services that "Be loved by customers long" and "The things will be common in the future" in each business unit.
We would like to thank you for your further support in the future.

As of May, 2017
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